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Without knowing anything about you I can pretty much guarantee that you have come to this page for one of three reasons: 1) you want to run without continually injuring yourself 2) you want to run faster or, 3) you want to run for longer!

Running is probably the most popular athletic activity in the world, yet it is also the most dangerous since 2 out of 3 runners get injured every single year. But it doesn’t have to be that way! By simply learning how to run properly you can reduce injuries and run more efficiently!

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  • WHEN Our Running clinics usually run from 9:15 AM to 2:00 PM (GMT)
  • WHERE Kilworth Chiropractic Clinic, The Market House, Kilworth Village, County Cork.

You see running is something that is practiced, but never taught!  We just follow Nike’s advice and “Just Do It” without ever knowing HOW to run and ultimately for 85% of runners we end up paying the price with recurrent injuries and suffering!  The internet is full of training advice – how often, how far and how hard you should run but never HOW to run!  And yet if you were to take up any other sport whether it be skiing, hurling, soccer, martial arts, swimming etc you would be expected to learn how to do them, before beginning to train! By contrast the advice given to most beginner runners is simply to buy a good pair of shoes and to make sure that they don’t start out too hard! And that is why the Pose Method was born – to teach all runners from the elite to the complete novice, how to run properly!  The Pose Method was created in the 1970s by Dr Nicholas Romanov, a two-time Olympic coach and world – renowned sports scientist.  Through his research Dr Romanov realised that whilst all runners may look different, they actually do certain things the same – they adapt a particular pose, they fall and they pull their feet off the ground!  And the difference between the really good runners and the not so good runners is simply down to efficiency!  They move from one running Pose to the next with the greatest of ease using natural laws of nature! PoseMethod® of Running is the only method that is scientifically proven to reduce the stress on the knees by over 50%!  Our ½ day seminars will teach you the theory, concepts and necessary exercise drills to enable you to run faster, longer and best of all without injury!  Over the course you will have your running style videotaped, analysed and corrected on at least 2 occasions during the course.  Logo-Pose-Method-2 (1)