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Our Fees at Kilworth Chiropractic Clinic

Losing anything, especially your health, will require an investment of your time and money to recover it. Rest assured that our fees are competitive with other offices in the Cork area.  If you want further details please call us at 025 27436.

What we must do immediately is to make sure that you are in the right place.  In other words determine whether we are even able to help you.  So once we have had an opportunity to evaluate your case, we’ll explain what we have found and what we think we can or cannot do for you to get well, and just as important, to stay well.

As we are full members of the Chiropractic Association of Ireland we are covered by VHI/Quinn and Vivas insurance companies. However considering there are different levels of cover provided for through private health care schemes, please contact your health insurance provider to see what level you qualify for. We do not deal with insurance companies directly, but we will facilitate your paperwork in any way we can.

You may also be able to claim for care received through your income tax via your “med-1 form”. Contact (revenue online services).

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call Kilworth Chiropractic Clinic at 025 27436. Or via email at