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Zone Technique at Kilworth Chiropractic Clinic

adjusting patients neckThe Zone Technique balances the brain and aligns the spine so your body can restore itself to maximum health. Originally called Zone Therapy, the Zone Technique was created in 1931 by a chiropractor named Dr. Thurman Fleet.

Many decades later, Dr. Peter Goldman refined the method and created his own version of the Zone Technique. He continues to teach the method to thousands of chiropractors. Dr. Goldman can be credited with many so-called miracles with so many patients experiencing incredible results with the technique. Dr. Goldman combined his own knowledge and understanding of healing with the original Zone Therapy.

“I use the Zone Technique on every patient that comes in, whether their complaint is musculoskeletal, organic or non-musculoskeletal. Once we balance their six zones, their body has to work properly and therefore they can heal,” said Dr. Ed.

Evaluating the Body’s Six Systems

The Zone Technique looks at the six systems of the body which are:

  • Glandular
  • Eliminative
  • Nervous
  • Digestive
  • Muscular
  • Circulatory

Since every cell in the body is controlled by these 6 systems, all diseased conditions, aches and pains experienced by the body can thus be attributed to disturbances to one or more of these Zones.

Dr. Bates’s job as a Zone Technique doctor at Kilworth Chiropractic Clinic is to feel six points on the back of a patient’s head. These points have nerve attachments that connect to the six centers of the brain that control these 6 systems. He then uses these six points to determine which brain circuits are out of harmony. In other words, he can easily determine which ones are not working properly.

Dr. Ed then stimulates specific points of the spine and spinal cord. This stimulation sends healing energy up the spinal cord to balance the brain centers. The balanced brain centers are then able to send out the proper signals to the body’s systems and the body is better able to heal itself.

He was not only the first Zone Technique doctor in Ireland but also the first advanced registered Activator doctor!

With this method, you’re not only correcting the spinal dysfunction but also balancing the signals coming from the brain. Think of the electric circuit in your house. Once the circuits are balanced and working properly, your house can work properly. Whereas if you overload the circuits they can short out, and that is exactly what can happen in the body. This results in pain, muscle spasm and health problems.

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