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piggy bank One of the concepts we introduced during the past 5 weeks of our Operation Transformation Chiropractic Style challenge was the idea of a Health & Healing account.  Similar to your own bank account where, if you make too many withdrawals and not enough deposits you eventually go in to the red and get in to financial strive and problems!  Well the idea of your Health & Healing account is no different and unfortunately looking at the health (or should I rephrase that ill – health) of the Irish population we are all making far too many withdrawals! And what we have hopefully done over the past 5 weeks is to encourage our participants to take back control of their health and their lives and to start making wiser lifestyle decisions and making more deposits!

Despite what we may have been taught our bodies are not like machines, destined to break down only to be repaired with drugs, radiation or surgery!  Rather your body is intelligent.  Your body knows how to be healthy, it knows how to be injury free and it certainly knows how to respond to and adapt to the environment. So by seeing the body from a more vitalistic standpoint and realizing that the body is in fact intelligent and is geared and designed for health not sickness and injuries, you will then want to try and get rid of interferences to this process. 

In other words make more deposits so that the body can utilise its innate potential for development, healing, health and well being. In other words you take control of your health rather than becoming a victim! So why is this significant?  Well the only thing that heals is a live fully functioning body, if you cut the finger of a corpse, no drug, no surgery no acupuncture nor chiropractic adjustment will make the finger heal. Why? Because the body is self healing and self regulating! So to be healthy and injury free all you need to do is figure out how to get rid of the interference, get rid of the traumas, get rid of the toxins that you put in to the body that affect the nervous system, & then the body will do what it is designed to do – develop, heal and repair! So start making more DEPOSITS and stop blaming your poor health on your genes, germs or bad luck!

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