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Stage 3 - Maintenance

As I have mentioned before diets simply don’t work because they are all about deprivation and starvation, neither of which are appealing in the long term.  Now whilst I admit that you may notice changes in the short term with any diet, the problem is that you just cannot sustain it for longer periods of time.  Life takes over and inevitably the wheels come off despite all your good intentions!  In fact the research shows that 2 years after going on a diet the majority of people have not only put back on the weight they had lost but had actually gained a few extra pounds!  And that is why I have been stressing the fact that this is not a diet rather it is a way of life, a habit of simply eating healthier food, it is a lifestyle.  And whilst the first 2 stages are indeed restrictive in their nature they don’t have to last indefinitely!


So the goal here is to reach this third and final stage having achieved your ideal weight, shape or general health improvements!  And the final stage then is simply one of maintenance, ensuring that you remain in control of your weight and health by adjusting your carbohydrate intake if you regain a few pounds!  Now I am a firm advocate of the 80/20 rule – if your eating habits are good 80% of the time then going off the rails very occasionally at a party or a night out or what have you is totally acceptable.  And what is more is that you don’t need to beat yourself up for having an extra slice of cake, it is ok!  Loosen up a little! Your body and your waist will handle it because and this is key it is an occasional indiscretion not a daily occurrence!

Just cast your mind back to one of the first Blogs that I posted where I explained how our consistently elevated insulin levels were the real cause of our health issues, problems and indeed crises.  Well at this stage having dramatically reduced your sugar intake, from carbohydrate sources, your body is no longer in that constantly elevated insulin state, your blood sugar levels are stable and you are now able to access your fat stores for energy!  Furthermore having transitioned from the Reset phase to the On Going Weight Loss phase to this Maintenance or Lifestyle phase you now know which foods you can do without and which foods you can enjoy but only in moderation.  In other words the odd piece of cake is fine.  In fact what normally happens is that these indiscretions actually cause a reaction such as bloating or nausea which makes abstinence the next time a much easier task!  As a result you will no longer crave for a particular food, especially if it reacts so badly!  In short you now know and understand how your body responds to specific foods!

Now as I mentioned if you find that you are gaining a few pounds simply cut back a few carbs from your intake until you return to your goal weight!  So cut back on foods that are higher on the ladder and that have a higher carb content such as grains, tuberous vegetables – potatoes, carrots or parsnips or fruit – bananas, apples and other fruit that is high in sugar, until your weight is back on track.  So if you do go on holiday and let things slip it is easy to regain control!  Remember this is a lifestyle habit not a one off event! Any queries?

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