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Stage 2 - on going weight loss

WEIGHT DEVILIn the last post I outlined the all important Reset phase, which is designed to kick start your body into fat burning mode and it will do so as long as you don’t cheat and cut corners!  But do remember that this is a process and changes will happen at different rates for each and all of us!  For your sakes don’t get too hung up about a specific weight goal – focus more on factors such as your waist size or your body shape, these are the things that will change and give you encouragement!  Whereas your weight may fluctuate and cause you huge frustration.  The feeling of satisfaction and encouragement when you have to punch a new hole in your belt is a great thing!  On this note it is well worth taking a photo of you with little in the way of clothes on and using it as a comparison in a few weeks and months time!

The Reset phase should last between 2 and 4 weeks, however ultimately it will depend on how you are feeling so do feel free to stay on it for a lot longer!  The longer you remain on it the faster you will lose weight!  But again this is an individual thing and dependent on exactly where you are starting on the health scale -for example how poor is your health or how much weight should you lose etc.   If you are happy to lose weight more slowly then move in to the next phase – the On going Weight Loss phase.

The Ongoing Weight Loss Phase is where we start to slowly re-introduce a few more carbohydrates, and we do this in a slow and measured way.  Only introduce one food every 3 to 4 days and carefully monitor how you feel and react to them.  So your food diary is critical at this stage!   Reactions can occur in really one of three ways: an immediate reaction which happens straight away; a delayed reaction that takes between 2 to 8 hours and an extended reaction which can take up to 8 to 24 hours.  The reactions can vary but can include reflux, acne, anxiety, brain fog, depression, bloating, insomnia, tiredness, malaise, changes in bowel habits and general aches and pains!   Also do not reintroduce new foods if you are feeling tired, stressed or sick as it can be taxing on your body.

So the first foods to be introduced should be the Nuts & Seeds, followed by fruits.  However limit the fruits initially to berries (strawberries, raspberries, blueberries etc), melon (but not watermelon), oranges, cherries and peaches.  All other fruits have comparatively higher carb values! Again introduce them one at a time and see how you cope!  After these 2 groups which open up numerous snack options then work up the progression ladder (the ladder below is adapted from the Atkins Diet)! weight food ladder


Now at this stage if weight loss is your main intention then realise that any loss will be a lot slower during this stage.  Now that said if you find that the pounds are actually creeping back on, then simply start omitting those news foods that you had just reintroduced!  And take it slowly!

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