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Why Diets Do Not Work?

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This latest series of talks was part of our Operation Transformation Chiropractic Style challenge where we took 5 participants who all had health challenges and helped transform their lives.  Our approach is essentially three pronged looking at Function, Nutrition and then Exercise, all of which are essential for optimal health.

Now as I am sure you are well aware there is a lot of conflicting and confusing information concerning what you should and should not eat out there but you only have to look at our health statistics to discover that what we are currently doing is simply not working!  And no doubt many of you have started or been advised to start a weight loss programme only to find progress is nonexistent!  Well hopefully we will explain why a lot of the advice is downright wrong and also give you some direction as to how to transform your health!

The irony is that most people are told to lose weight by eating less, eating fewer calories or simply by exercising more, yet these actions are exactly what you would do to increase your appetite!  Just imagine if you were going out for a meal in your favourite restaurant and you wanted to ensure you had a healthy appetite, what would you do?  Exactly, skip lunch or go for a long walk!  No wonder why so many people struggle to lose weight!

Furthermore Diets simply do not work!  Why, because they are about deprivation and starvation and nobody can sustain that for long!  Yet we have to change because as a nation we are getting sicker and sicker!  Research shows that only one person out of 1000 will reach the age of 60 in good health.  There are over 100,000 obese children in Ireland with Ireland ranking 5th out of EU countries in childhood obesity.  There has been a five fold increase in Diabetes since the 1970s with over 50% of over 65 year olds now being affected!  The incidence of high blood pressure and heart disease continue to rise year after year!  So something has to change and we have to be the catalyst for that change.  As Albert Einstein said “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results!”

So over the next few BLOG posts we will explore nutrition in more depth and give you a plan that will help lead you to a healthier life!

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